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I just have to say ...that every time I have patronized Gabes , it has been a pleasant experience!!

Never have I gone into Gabes' & been treated badly! Cheerful , Clean , Helpful, and a very good selection to chose from. All of Gabes employees are very helpful & courteous!! I know that SOME people are hard to please no matter what the situation maybe ....

I know this is NOT a complaint but.... maybe just maybe this customer is one of those, or was looking for "some meat" and was refused.

I feel Gabes does NOT deserve to be maligned because of ONE BAD CUSTOMER !!Thanks Gabe

Gabe Melo of gabes meats touched me!!!!

Calgary, Alberta 0 comments

Hi a little while ago I went to buy meat from Gabe cause a friend brought me there and while his butcher was cutting my meat Gabe grabbed my backside!!!!! I turned around and slapped him but he didn't care I didn't feel happy I strongly think if his workers were not there I fear he would have forced himself on me he is a gross little man he probably does not get any affection at home so he try's to pick up his customers ladies if you want meat do not go there cause you will be getting meat you don't want

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Gabes meats really bad service!!

Winnipeg, Manitoba 0 comments

Hello there I recently ordered some social packages from Gabe's meats it was the worst experience of my life!! The cold cut platters tasted old like it was made a week or two ago also we found some hair in it and also we we picked up our stuff from his place of buisness there was no sign indicating where it was and when we got there he was very rude not the kind of person i would ever ever buy from again big waste of time and 300 I strongly recommend not buying anything from the place thank you very much

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